March 31st, 2017

Last week HACSU representatives met with the CATT Risk Assessment Team for an update on the delivery of the Trial Vehicle.

It was announced that the vehicle, a Toyota Tarago, has been delivered to MADER to commence modifications and scratchproof safety barrier installation. Once installed the vehicle will be sent to Hobart to be modification plated and approved by the Transport Commissioner.

Discussion also took place regarding protocols being set as to who will sit where in the vehicle given that there are two rows of seating in the back and the possible installation of a cargo barrier to stop patients climbing into the “boot” area.

Vehicle procedures will also need to be placed in the vehicle as in current vehicles regarding who staff escalate incidents to in an emergency situation. The Tarago will replace one of the Department’s current vehicles.

It is still up for discussion as to whether a DVD player may be installed in the rear to occupy patients on longer trips (e.g. West Coast).

It was also confirmed that staff will be given some familiarisation with the Tarago, and that “test drives” will be available.

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