May 4th, 2017

Despite stating at the last negotiations meeting that it was their final offer, SCC management have since slightly increased their wages offer. In doing so they have tried to mislead staff by making a commitment to something they are legally required to do anyway.

On Wednesday, 3 May 2017 HACSU received advice from Southern Cross Care (SCC) management that they had again moved on their wage offer. Management bizarrely tried to sell the fact that they will not pay anyone less than the Aged Care Award as a positive, while failing to advise that this is actually a legal obligation. This does however demonstrate the deep inadequacy of SCC’s offer.

The proposed wages increase is now 1.5% for the first year, 1.8% in the second year and 2% in the third year which is a slight increase to the second (0.15%) and third years (0.2%). This offer will not cover the likely increases to groceries, electricity bills, petrol, etc. and in real terms it is a wage decrease. It is simply unacceptable that SCC management are treating their hard working and dedicated workforce in this way.

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